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Vocal Coach L.A.

Vocal Lessons

I've been singing professionally for over 40 years and I've been a vocal coach for over 20 years. I believe that everyone is naturally musical. I have worked with students who thought it was impossible to match pitch and be able to connect with their voice. Now, they're able to sing with confidence and use the knowledge that I've shared with them to help achieve their musical goals.

Having studied in Paris, France and being fluent in French I thought it was impossible to learn another language. Learning to sing is like learning another language. The more you dedicate, the more you'll get out of the process. Simple! The voice teacher is important to the learning process because you need someone that knows how to explain these "foreign" concepts and ideas in a way that YOU understand. I'm not a one "method" voice teacher. I believe in utilizing specific techniques on an individual basis. 

Healthy singing is the main objective. My students feel accomplished and excited in knowing how to implement these skills and find the joy in expressing themselves through their instrument ... THE VOICE.

                                                 LESSONS WILL ADDRESS

Vocal warm ups, Vocal exercises, Sight singing techniques, Diction & Enunciation,

The changing voice. Anatomy of the voice, Performance anxiety, Stage Presence, Improvisation, Harmonizing, Audition techniques, Endurance, Vocal health & longevity. 

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Mr. Britt offers individual and group lessons via zoom. To schedule a consultation, please submit your information on the contact page

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